Our Products: Panel Air Conditioner, Air to Air Heat Exchanger, Oil Chiller, Water Chillers

A Commitment to Quality

Quality is a language the world understands. It is resources and reason, passion and perfection, capability and commitment fused together. It is an overriding element that permeates every aspect of the organisation with the objective of delivering superior value to the customer.

At Advance Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd., a commitment to quality fuels all our endeavours. It manifests itself in our manufacturing processes and products and in the vast array of solutions and services we provide our customers. Finally it culminates in our ability to evolve and engineer new and better solutions - solutions that answer customer needs effectively and efficiently.

We manage Heat
Heat control is pivotal to productivity and performance, particularly in electronic systems and equipment with a high density packing. If heat is unregulated and unchecked, it can cause damage and dysfunction of expensive and sensitive electronic components, leading to delay and considerable downtime.

Pioneers in Heat Control Solutions
At Advance Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd., we offer you a range of heat management devices and solutions for reliable and trouble free operation of equipment and systems. Our complete range is tailored to meet harsh operating conditions - high heat, humidity, dust etc. As pioneers in the business, we have the experience and expertise generated across decades. We were the first in India to manufacture a Panel Air conditioner. Today, our spectrum of products and services meets the needs of vital industries - metal cutting, telecom, food processing, chemical, instrumentation, electrical and electronics, medical and other fields.

Our business hinges on offering the customer superior value. Quality is accorded top priority and marks every stage of manufacture - from raw material which is subjected to strict incoming inspection to final testing, checking and commissioning.

Great emphasis is laid on research and development, so that we can offer our customers better solutions that meet changing market complexities. A wide network facilitates customer service and reach. High-calibre engineers study customer requirements, assess problems and provide solutions for high operational safety and reliability. Service contracts are also offered, each call attended to with utmost care and dedication. Training for customers is also provided where necessary. Underlying this effort is our conviction that we are your Partners in Progress.